This file provides an outline of the style and structure for articles.

General Remarks on Style

Articles on Law & Space are intended for a broad audience of educated non-specialists, the academic community, and self-identifying legal geographers.

The style of posts should strive to be consistent with best practices in online writing in successful blogs and online news outlets without sacrificing intellectual integrity or appearing click-baity.

Titles should tell a mini-story in themselves. Don’t use the academic article convention of using a two part title separated by a colon (Part 1: Part 2).

The first paragraph of the article should hook readers with a key question or fact tied to a relevant and timely issue of broad public interest.

Paragraphs should be short, typically 2-3 simple sentences with as few dependent and independent clauses as possible.

Figures are encouraged, including maps, diagrams, photographs, charts, graphs, etc. A feature image will be included in every post. If none of the figures in the article are suitable, one will be chosen from an online source for free images such as

One way to think about what makes a good post is to imagine writing it so that it stands alone as something that you can assign to an undergraduate class and feel comfortable that you’ve given them enough information to have learned something by the end.

It’s always a plus if you can provide one or several resources for further reading at the end.