Alida Cantor

Alida Cantor

Assistant Professor of Geography at Portland State University.

Dr. Alida Cantor is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Portland State University. She is broadly interested in political ecology, legal geography, and human-environment interactions. Her research focuses on understanding water resources management, and how water management can be more sustainable and just. Her work contributes to the areas of water governance and hydropolitics, legal political ecology, and environmental justice. Cantor’s research also informs policy and practice of water governance and resource management. Cantor is currently the chair of the Legal Geography Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers.

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The Unnatural Legal Geographies of the Current US ‘Megadrought’

By Alida Cantor

Extreme drought is ravaging much of the Western United States as water reservoirs and snowpack decline to dangerous levels. As panicked water managers seek immediate solutions to the impending crisis, the current “megadrought” also raises an important but often ignored question: what role does law play in creating and exacerbating unequal access to shrinking water resources?