Ettore Asoni

Ettore Asoni

Ettore Asoni holds a PhD in Geography from San Diego State University and University of California, Santa Barbara. His dissertation examines US immigration law and immigration detention from a legal-geographic perspective. His current work draws from legal geography and carceral geography to analyze the territorial dynamics that underpin regimes of (im)mobility, and especially across systems of immigration control in the European region. He is originally from Sardinia, Italy.

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book review

Review of “Legal Geography-Comparative Law and the Production of Space” by Matteo Nicolini

By Ettore Asoni

Legal geography is a growing field. Cross-disciplinary efforts between geography and law abound, and scholars working at this juncture can now build on the previous work of key thinkers that have elaborated multiple theoretical and methodological foundations for future research. Yet in recent years there have been growing calls to more precisely define legal geography’s theory, methods, and research agendas (O’Donnell et al. 2020; Orzeck and Hae, 2020). Matteo Nicolini’s new book on legal geography answers this call and will be of considerable interest to legal geographers as well as a wide range of critical social scientists, philosophers, and academics in the legal professions.