Brittany Lauren Wheeler

Brittany Lauren Wheeler

Brittany is a human geographer completing her PhD at Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography. Her work of the last decade has primarily explored the moral-legal interfaces of human mobility, displacement, and return in order to better understand the dynamic between historical and contemporary practices of responsibility and repair. Her doctoral work focuses on the way that compensation is conceptualized and practiced between members of the oceanic global south and the United States and Britain. The work charts the geography of repair that flows from the disruption of Marshallese and Chagossians lives in the 20th century through to the practices of compensation that extend into or emerge in the 21st. Brittany’s other academic interests include climate-induced migration, ethics of death and dying, and museology.

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Negotiating Their Future: A Marshallese Geography of U.S. Policy

By Brittany Lauren Wheeler and Meagan Harden

Bilateral negotiations to amend the Compact of Free Association (COFA) between the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) and the United States are currently underway. While frequently framed in terms of U.S geopolitics of the Pacific, we share lesser-known legal outcomes of the ongoing relationship between the RMI and the U.S.