Call for Graduate Papers on Legal Geography at AAG 2023

Call for Graduate Papers on Legal Geography at AAG 2023

If you’re a graduate student whose work intersects with questions of law and space, consider submitting a paper for the annual “Graduate Voices in the Lawscape” sessions at the AAG conference sponsored by the Legal Geography Specialty Group. These sessions will be hosted hybrid (in-person & virtual) at the AAG conference in 2023. Submission deadline is October 15, 2022.

Session description

Legal geography explores the practice and conceptualization of the law in and via place and space, examining the relationship between law and the changing spatial, social, and environmental conditions that create and contribute to our understanding of the world(s) we inhabit. We welcome all graduate student scholars who pursue research that involves legal inquiry-whether you consider yourself a ‘spatial detective’ (Bennett 2015), a transdisciplinary/post-disciplinary scholar (Braverman et al. 2014), or are simply interested in the utility of legal geography as a subdiscipline for supporting your work. We invite scholarship on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to migration & immigration, policing, human rights, law and racism, indigenous law, environmental & climate justice, property and resource management, food policy, the administration of law in place, law and urban spaces, law and bodies, and law and COVID-19.


Please be a current or prospective master’s or PhD student, with a research focus that involves some form of legal inquiry. We welcome those who have not previously considered their work to be ‘legal geography,’ as well as those who are interested in contributing further to the development of this subfield.

Session Organizers:

If you are interested, please send your title and abstract to Paul Druschke by October 15, 2022.